Are Your Used Electronics Going to Waste?

Realistically, you need to update your electronic devices regularly to keep up, just like you need to update software. Otherwise, your company cannot access the latest advances in efficiency to create the experience you need to be competitive.

Unfortunately, the upgrade cycle is shortening, and while your company may be able to skip a few cycles, it cannot be put off forever. That means a lot of outdated equipment to get rid of as you upgrade.

Now, you could get rid of it all through recycling. However, that route often costs money, especially when you need to shred hard drives to protect your proprietary data. Fortunately, there is a straightforward alternative.

You can sell your used laptops, desktops, office equipment, and more. This course of action allows you to profit from your old technology and computer parts with minimal hassle. All you need to do is wipe your data.

Partnering with us

Artenax helps companies like yours get rid of old, overstocks and end of life electronics and computer parts. Since 2004, we’ve been buying electronics as companies move and update. Our prices are always fair, and the logistical support cannot be beaten.

Selling your used computers, office equipment, and computer parts to Artenax is easy. Just contact us with a list of what you would like to sell, and we’ll send back a bid. Once you accept, we’ll help work out the logistics for your devices.

Artenax will then appropriately refurbish, recycle, or break down for computer parts the devices you sell us. We are always privacy-conscious and will remove any data before we begin working on the devices.

Contact us today to find out how you can sell your company’s old computers and office equipment quickly and easily with Artenax.

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