Our websites are structured in such a way that you can visit them without identifying yourself or having to provide any personal information. Should you nevertheless provide us with personal information (with which you can be identified), we guarantee that this information will only be used to maintain the relationship you have with Axitech. The personal data provided will only be used by our organization, not by third parties and not by our partners.

We use the information you provide to better understand customer needs and provide better services. Because you register yourself on this site, you can easily log in on your next visit. In this way, the ordering procedure is facilitated. You can delete your account at any time in your account settings. Please note that we still keep information about your orders due to legal obligations.

We do not see credit card numbers at any time. The online payments are handled by Mollie and they guarantee a direct connection between the customer and his bank. Paying online in this way is the safest method for both you and us.

We collect abstract information via Google Analytics & Adwords (so no name, address, etc., only actions). We have concluded a processor agreement with Google. To guarantee your privacy, we have also anonymized your IP address. This information is not shared with third parties or used for advertisements. This information is used to analyze and improve the health of our website, as well as to adjust our advertisements to better search terms. This data is automatically deleted after 26 months.

We also use Facebook pixel tracking for marketing purposes. This keeps track of how effective our Facebook ads are and helps us to make them more targeted. We never get to see personal information here. You can manage the settings for this on Facebook itself in your account settings.

Conversations (as well as any personal information you enter) via the live chat (of Chatra) are recorded so that we can better assist you in the future. Chatra is displayed in the language you use for your browser. If you want to contact us, but would rather not have your information tracked, you can contact us via the contact form. You can ask to have it removed at any time.

Our newsletters are sent through our own system, which allows us to easily create beautiful newsletters and send them to our list of registered interested parties. Normally you will only receive an email if you have registered for this. Usually our newsletters are about promotions or about quality products that we think may be of interest to our subscribers. If you subscribe, your email address will be saved in this list. If you unsubscribe (each newsletter contains a link for this), it will be removed.

It is possible that certain data is kept for a certain period of time and may not be legally removed until the legal term has expired. This mainly concerns invoices and information related to orders.

You have the right to request, change or delete your data at any time. You can do this by sending an e-mail from the e-mail address with which you are registered with us.

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Complaints about how we process your data must be reported to the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy (https://www.privacycommission.be).